Data Type OcaApplicationNetworkCommand

Command values for OcaMediaNetwork.Control().


static OcaEnumItem None = 0

No-op. State is not changed.

static OcaEnumItem Prepare = 1

Open a connection to the host data network, but do not make any media connections. Resulting state = Ready.

static OcaEnumItem Start = 2

Commence media data connection-making and data transfer. Resulting state = Running.

static OcaEnumItem Pause = 3

Temporarily halt all media data transfer, but preserve media connections. Resulting state = Paused. nb To unpause, a Start command should be used.

static OcaEnumItem Stop = 4

Cease data transfer and delete all media connections. Resulting state = Stopped.

static OcaEnumItem Reset = 5

Cease all media transfer, delete all media transport connections, and disconnect from the host data network. Resulting state = NotReady.

OCP.1 Encoding

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