Class OcaAudioProcessingManager

ClassID: 1.3.9

extends OcaManager

Placeholder for optional manager that in future versions of the standard will hold various global audio processing parameters.


static readonly OcaClassID ClassID = 1.3.9

Level: 1 Index: 1

Number that uniquely identifies the class. Note that this differs from the object number, which identifies the instantiated object. This property is an override of the OcaRoot property.

static readonly OcaClassVersionNumber ClassVersion = 2

Level: 1 Index: 2

Identifies the interface version of the class. Any change to the class definition leads to a higher class version. This property is an override of the OcaRoot property.

Properties inherited from OcaRoot

readonly OcaONo ObjectNumber

readonly OcaBoolean Lockable

readonly OcaString Role

Methods inherited from OcaRoot

OcaRoot::GetClassIdentification ( ) → ( OcaClassIdentification ClassIdentification)

OcaRoot::GetLockable ( ) → ( OcaBoolean lockable)

OcaRoot::LockTotal ( )

OcaRoot::Unlock ( )

OcaRoot::GetRole ( ) → ( OcaString Role)

OcaRoot::LockReadonly ( )