Data Type OcaMediaConnection

A single-channel or multichannel connection between a local media connector (i.e. OcaMedia(Source/Sink)Connector instance) of an OcaMediaTransportNetwork object in this node and another ("remote") media source or sink. Normally, the remote source or sink is in another node. The remote end may or may not be an OCA-compliant device. A connection is unidirectional. Its direction is determined by the connector that owns the connection. Its direction is either: An OcaMediaConnection object may represent a connection to either a unicast or a multicast stream. Any given OcaMedia(Source/Sink)Connector object will only have one media connection. In non-OCA documents, connections are sometimes referred to as streams or flows.


OcaBoolean Secure

True iff connection is secure.

OcaMediaStreamParameters StreamParameters

Stream parameters (encoding, sampling, etc). Format is media network type dependent.

OcaMediaStreamCastMode StreamCastMode

Unicast or multicast

OcaUint16 StreamChannelCount

Number of channels in connected stream

OCP.1 Encoding

FieldBasic typeByte Length
StreamParameters.Value.DataOcaUint81 * Count