Data Type OcaObservationListEventData

Event data for event OcaNumericObserverList.Observation. Note: due to an error in AES70-2015, this class was not made a subclass of OcaEventData. Therefore, this class explicitly defines the Event property explicitly, rather than inheriting it from OcaEventData, as other event data classes do. However, the effect is the same as for all event data classes: the first property in the data structure is an OcaEvent value.


OcaEvent Event

The event that was raised. This field is not normally part of event data datatypes and was erroneously included this one; it is now retained for forward compatibility.

OcaList<OcaFloat64> Reading

The list of observed values that the event is reporting.

OCP.1 Encoding

FieldBasic typeByte Length
ReadingOcaList<OcaFloat64>(2 + 8 * Count)