Data Type OcaPresentationUnit

Enumeration of presentation units that can be used in OCA classes. Property values of OCA objects are always in SI units (unless explicitly documented otherwise), but the presentation unit can also be stored to indicate in which unit the value was presented in a user interface. This way another controller can also present it in that unit (i.e. doing a conversion on the controller before presenting it) to keep the user presentation uniform. Note that the presentation unit may be equal to the unit of the property (in which case of course no conversion is needed).


OcaEnumItem dBu = 0

dB(0.775 VRMS) - voltage relative to 0.775 volts.

OcaEnumItem dBV = 1

dB(1 VRMS) - voltage relative to 1 volt.

OcaEnumItem V = 2

Voltage in plain volts.

OCP.1 Encoding

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