Data Type OcaRamperState

States of the ramper. Here are the rules for ramper state change:


readonly OcaEnumItem NotInitialized = 1

Ramper is not initialized and may not be started or enabled.

readonly OcaEnumItem Iniitialized = 2

Ramper is initialized sufficiently for nonscheduled ramps to work. A nonscheduled ramp is one that has no defined start time and must be started with the Start command.

readonly OcaEnumItem Scheduled = 3

Ramper is initialized sufficiently for both nonscheduled and scheduled ramps to work. A scheduled ramp is one that has a defined start time.

readonly OcaEnumItem Enabled = 4

Ramper's timer is running and scheduled ramp will commence at the designated future time.

readonly OcaEnumItem Ramping = 5

Ramper is currently executing a ramp.

OCP.1 Encoding

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