Data Type OcaUnitOfMeasure

Enumeration of units of measure that can be used in OCA classes. Only SI (base or derived) units are specified, so that internal calculations will not need to convert. If conversion is needed it should only be done in user interfaces. The datatype of a reading expressed in one of these units of measure is FLOAT.


OcaEnumItem Ampere = 4

Electric current in Amperes.

OcaEnumItem DegreeCelsius = 2

Temperature in degree Celsius.

OcaEnumItem Hertz = 1

Frequency in Hertz.

OcaEnumItem None = 0

No reading.

OcaEnumItem Ohm = 5

Resistance, magnitude of reactance, or magnitude of impedance in Ohms.

OcaEnumItem Volt = 3

Voltage in Volts.

OCP.1 Encoding

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