toolkit Audio Widget Library API Documentation

This is the official documentation for the toolkit audio widget library. This documentation consists of several introductory parts, which explain how toolkit Widgets interact with the DOM and how they can be layouted. In addition this documentation contains a complete API documentation of all Widget classes and a series of interactive examples, which explain how widgets can be used in practice.

The official public repository is located at, which is also where we track bugs and feature requests. toolkit including this documentation are available under the GNU General Public License version 3.

toolkit is developed by DeusO GmbH and is used in user interfaces for professional audio equipment in broadcasting studios worldwide.


toolkit uses no external JavaScript libraries or frameworks. It is therefore expected to be compatible with any JavaScript framework, however this is not a design goal. toolkit should work in all browser which support ECMAScript 5. In addition there is some amount of compatibility code in order to allow it to run inside of Internet Explorer 9. Future versions of toolkit may remove these fallbacks.