function run_window(root) {
    winbutton = new Button({
        label: "Demo Window",
        icon: "images/icons_big/window.png"

    winbutton.add_event("click", function () { 
        win = new Window({
            container: document.body,
            height: 233,
            width: 640,
            open: _TOOLKIT_CENTER,
            title: "Example Window",
            status: "Integrity of the Cloud at 112%! Hull breach impending!",
            icon: "images/toolkit_win_icon.png",
            header_left: _TOOLKIT_ICON,
            header_right: [_TOOLKIT_MAX_X, _TOOLKIT_MAX_Y, _TOOLKIT_MAX,
            footer_left: _TOOLKIT_STATUS,
            fixed: true,
            content: TK.html("<div style='margin: 6px'><img src=images/toolkit.png "
                   + "style=\"float: left; margin-right: 20px; width:128px;height:auto\">"
                   + "Thanks for testing TK. We hope you like "
                   + "the functionality, complexity and style. If you have any "
                   + "sugestions or bug reports, please let us know.</div>")
        var ok = new Button({
            label: "OK",
        ok.add_event("click", win.destroy.bind(win));
        TK.set_styles(ok.element, {
            position: "absolute",
            bottom: 0,
            right: 0