aes70::device::lockable_object_base class


AES70 object base class which implements object locking. If locking is not needed, use object_base, instead. Note that AES70 object locking is a feature for AES70 clients.

Base classes

class object_base

Public functions

auto CheckIsLocked(const aes70::device::connection& connection) -> bool
void LockTotal(const aes70::response_generator& response)
auto Unlock() -> OcaStatus

Function documentation

bool aes70::device::lockable_object_base::CheckIsLocked(const aes70::device::connection& connection)

Returns true if the given connection may not access this object because it is locked by someone else.

void aes70::device::lockable_object_base::LockTotal(const aes70::response_generator& response)

Locks this object.

OcaStatus aes70::device::lockable_object_base::Unlock()

Unlocks this object. Can only be called by the connection which has locked this object.

If the object was not locked, OcaStatus::InvalidRequest is called.