template<typename MethodDetector, typename PropertyDetector, typename Encoder, uint16_t _MethodLevel, uint16_t _MethodIndex, uint16_t _PropertyLevel, uint16_t _PropertyIndex>
aes70::device::Getter struct

Template class which detects the the appropriate API to use for an AES70 getter. Within libaes70 the method name is Get<PROPERTY>. When the getter is called it will first try all signatures supported by Method. If none of those is defined, it will try the following in order:

  • If a public property with the name PROPERTY exists, it will generate a AES70 response with the value of that property as the onle return value.

Base classes

template<typename Detector, typename _Arguments, typename _ReturnValues, uint16_t _Level, uint16_t _Index>
struct Method