Audio Widget Markup Language is a markup language for building user interfaces for audio applications.

Building this documentation

The documentation for this project is built using sphinx-js. The documentation source files can be found in the doc directory. Building the documentation requires sphinx-js to be installed. sphinx-js requires jsdoc which can be installed by running

npm ci

inside of the doc directory.

After that the documentation can be built using

make html

after which the HTML version of the documentation can be found in doc/build/html/.


AWML is written as ES6 modules. In order to install it into a project, either add it as a git submodule or install it from git using npm. Then adding it into an application can either be done by including using a script tag.

<script type=module src='AWML/src/index.js'></script>

Alternatively it can also be imported by adding an import statement to an existing ES6 module script.

import './AWML/src/index.js';

AWML is compatible with the AUX widget library. AWML will automatically detect AUX components if they are used.