A online version of the AES70 specification of this class can be found at http://docs.deuso.de.

The class is a subclass of OcaManager().

This class defines no own properties.

Furthermore, it inherits the properties ClassID, ClassVersion, ObjectNumber, Lockable and Role.

class OcaDiagnosticManager(objectNumber, device)

Optional manager that provides application diagnostic aids. Unlike other manager classes, OcaDiagnosticManager may be subclassed to provide proprietary application diagnostic enhancements.

  • May be instantiated once in any device.

  • If instantiated, object number must be 13.


Retrieves a text description of the given object’s lock status. Return value indicates success of the retrieval.

  • ONo (number) –


Promise.<string> – A promise which resolves to a single value of type string.