class OcaMediaSinkConnector()

Media sink (i.e. input) connector. Connects to an inbound stream. Collected by OcaMediaTransportNetwork .


type: number

Internal ID.


type: string

Public name of connector. May be published to the media transport network, depending on the type of network.


type: OcaMediaConnection

Descriptor of the stream connection to this connector. If there is no stream connected to this controller, (i.e. property Connected = FALSE), the value of this property is undefined.


type: array

List of codings available for this connector.


type: number

Number of pins in this connector.


type: Map.<number, Array.<OcaPortID>>

Map of stream pins (sink channels) to OCA ports (output ports) of the owning OcaMediaNetwork object. This defines what pins that are received from the network are sent to what OCA ports. A pin can only carry one network channel, but can be sent to multiple ports. That is why this data member is a multimap, a pin identifier can map to multiple ports. A pin is identified by an OcaUint16 with value 1..MaxPinCount. Not having a certain pin identifier in this map means that the pin is empty (i.e. not carrying a sink channel). A pin identifier cannot be part of the map more than MaxChannelsPerPin times, unless MaxChannelsPerPin is zero.


type: number

Alignment level of the interface. Note that the dBFS value is referenced to the interface’s fullscale value, not to device’s internal fullscale value.


type: number

Alignment gain for the connector. This value will be applied to all signals incoming through all pins.


type: OcaMediaCoding

Coding currently used by this connector.