class OcaMediaSourceConnector()

Media source (i.e. output) connector. Connects to an outbound stream. Collected by OcaMediaTransportNetwork .


type: number

Internal ID.


type: string

Public name of connector. May be published to the media transport network, depending on the type of network.


type: OcaMediaConnection

Descriptor of the stream connection to this connector. If there is no stream connected to this controller, (i.e. property Connected = FALSE), the value of this property is undefined.


type: array

List of codings available for this connector.


type: number

Number of pins in this connector.


type: Map

Map of stream pins (source channels) to OCA ports (input ports) of the owning OcaMediaNetwork object. This defines what source channels are sent to the network. A pin is identified by an OcaUint16 with value 1..MaxPinCount. Not having a certain pin identifier in this map means that the pin is empty (i.e. not carrying a source channel).


type: number

Alignment level of the interface. Note that the dBFS value is referenced to the interface’s fullscale value, not to device’s internal fullscale value.


type: OcaMediaCoding

Coding currently used by this connector.