Building this documentation

The documentation for this project is built using sphinx-js. The documentation source files can be found in the doc directory. Building the documentation requires sphinx-js to be installed. sphinx-js requires jsdoc which can be installed by running

npm ci

inside of the doc directory.

After that the documentation can be built using

make html

after which the HTML version of the documentation can be found in doc/build/html/.


AES70.js is written as ES6 modules. It can be used both in a browser and in NodeJS.


A ES5 compatible version of AES70.js can be build from within the git repository. The build process uses babel and closure-compiler to bunde a single file dist/AES70.es5.js. To build this file run

npm ci
make dist/AES70.es5.js

Alternatively, the version of AES70 published to NPM already contains the generated source file. After installing aes70 using NPM a version of AES70.js for the browser will be at node_modules/aes70/dist/AES70.es5.js.


In order to use AES70 from inside a NodeJS project simply install it with npm.

npm i aes70

In order to build a NodeJS compatible version of AES70.js from the git repository run:

npm ci
make node

The output files will then be found in the lib/ directory.


This software is released here under the GNU General Public License version 2.

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