AUX is a JavaScript widget library with special focus on building low latency user interfaces for audio applications. It contains a wide range of widgets such as faders, knobs, levelmeters and equalizers.

Repository structure

The JavaScript code in this repository uses ES6 modules. When integrating AUX into an application it should be sufficient to import the required widgets or components from the main file src/index.js.

AUX widgets are implemented as JavaScript widgets. Some of those widgets have corresponding WebComponents. All widgets can be found under src/widgets/ and the corresponding components are located at src/components/. The document doc/docs/ describes how the components work.

Default themes can be found in the styles directory. The document doc/docs/ describes how to create themes based no the default theme(s) contained in this repository.


AUX can be installed using npm. In order to gain access to all components, simply import them all using

import '@deutschesoft/aux-widgets';

and include the default theme into your web application.

Design Goals

AUX is written in pure JavaScript and has no external dependencies. It is supposed to run in browsers which support ECMAScript 6. When transpiled to ECMAScript 5 it should work in modern versions of Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari.

The following table lists the essential features defining the minimum versions of browers required. CSS Variables are used dynamically so they can't be replaced by transpilation.

Feature Edge Firefox Chrome Safari Safari iOS
CSS Vars 16 31 49 9.1 9.3
ES6 Modules 16 60 61 11 11
WebComponents 79 63 67 10.1 10.3

AUX was designed to be lightweight and fast while keeping the full flexibility which comes with CSS. AUX widgets offer consistent and intuitive APIs.


The complete API documentation can be found at [].

Alternatively, the documentation can be directly built from the source code. The documentation in the source files uses the common jsdoc syntax and JSDoc 3. can be used to generate the documentation. If you have jsdoc installed, simply run

npm run build

inside the doc directory.

Apart from the documentation inside the source tree, there are several longer introductory articles and usage examples in the directories doc/docs/.


Several component examples can be found in separate HTML files in the examples/ directory. When serving the repository from a HTTP server all examples can be viewed when opening the file examples.html.


Several online demos of interfaces using AUX can be found at [].

Reporting Bugs

If you find a bug in this software, please report it to our issue tracker at [].


AUX is released unter the the terms of the GPLv3. See the file COPYING for details.

Copyright (c) 2013-2020 Markus Schmidt

Copyright (c) 2014-2020 Arne Gödeke