Name Type Description
auxWidget Widget

The AUX widget object of this component.

isAuxWidget boolean

Returns true. This can be used to detect AUX components.

Interface implemented by all WebComponents based on AUX Widgets.

Each Component maps both attributes and properties onto options of the same name. The mapping of attributes is only one-directional, i.e. attributes are turned into options but not the other way around.

Properties are only defined on the corresponding component under the same name, if the base Element class does not already define them, e.g. the property title is already defined on the HTMLElement. Properties such as 'title' for which the property would override an existing property are defined as aliases with the prefix 'aux', e.g. 'auxtitle' is defined and maps onto the 'title' option in the widget.




Trigger a resize. This leads the widget to recalculates its size. Some components, such as those which have scales, need this to redraw themselves correctly.