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class OcaFilterPolynomial : OcaActuator

A generic Z-domain rational polynomial filter section: _A(0) + A(1)z + A(2)z^2 + A(3)z^3 + …_ B(0) + B(1)z + B(2)z^2 + B(3)z^3 + …


static const OcaClassID ClassID = ""

Number that uniquely identifies the class. Note that this differs from the object number, which identifies the instantiated object. This property is an override of the OcaRoot property.

This property has id 4.1.

static const OcaClassVersionNumber ClassVersion = 2

Identifies the interface version of the class. Any change to the class definition leads to a higher class version. This property is an override of the OcaRoot property.

This property has id 4.2.

OcaList<OcaFloat32> A

Numerator - “A”

This property has id 4.1.

OcaList<OcaFloat32> B

Denominator - “B”

This property has id 4.2.

OcaFrequency SampleRate

Sample rate inside the filter. We can’t assume it’s the same as the device input or output rate.

This property has id 4.3.

const OcaUint8 MaxOrder

Maximum order of A[] and B[], i.e. the maximum size of the A[] and B[] arrays. Readonly.

This property has id 4.4.

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OcaStatus GetCoefficients(OcaList<OcaFloat32> &A, OcaList<OcaFloat32> &B)

Returns the polynomial coefficients used.

This method has id 4.1.

  • OcaList<OcaFloat32> A – Output parameter.

  • OcaList<OcaFloat32> B – Output parameter.

OcaStatus SetCoefficients(OcaList<OcaFloat32> A, OcaList<OcaFloat32> B)

Sets the polynomial coefficients.

This method has id 4.2.

  • OcaList<OcaFloat32> A – Input parameter.

  • OcaList<OcaFloat32> B – Input parameter.

OcaStatus GetSampleRate(OcaFrequency &Rate, OcaFrequency &minRate, OcaFrequency &maxRate)

Gets the filter sampling rate.

This method has id 4.3.

  • OcaFrequency Rate – Output parameter.

  • OcaFrequency minRate – Output parameter.

  • OcaFrequency maxRate – Output parameter.

OcaStatus SetSampleRate(OcaFrequency Rate)

Sets the filter sampling rate.

This method has id 4.4.


OcaFrequency Rate – Input parameter.

OcaStatus GetMaxOrder(OcaUint8 &Order)

Gets the maximum allowable order (= max number of array elements in numerator and for denominator arrays)

This method has id 4.5.


OcaUint8 Order – Output parameter.

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