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class OcaGainSensor : OcaSensor

Senses a gain value. Typically used to indicate instantaneous gain value of a dynamics element.


static const OcaClassID ClassID = ""

Number that uniquely identifies the class. Note that this differs from the object number, which identifies the instantiated object. This property is an override of the OcaRoot property.

This property has id 4.1.

static const OcaClassVersionNumber ClassVersion = 1

Identifies the interface version of the class. Any change to the class definition leads to a higher class version. This property is an override of the OcaRoot property. This is a new class in AES70-2018,

This property has id 4.2.

OcaDB Reading

Gain in dB

This property has id 4.1.

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OcaStatus GetReading(OcaDB &Reading, OcaDB &minReading, OcaDB &maxReading)

Gets the value and limits of the Reading property. The return value indicates whether the data was successfully retrieved.

This method has id 4.1.

  • OcaDB Reading – Output parameter.

  • OcaDB minReading – Output parameter.

  • OcaDB maxReading – Output parameter.

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