Application Network Datatypes


enum OcaNetworkLinkType : uint8_t

Types of layer 2 networks.

enumerator None = 0

No network

enumerator EthernetWired = 1

Wired Ethernet

enumerator EthernetWireless = 2

Wireless Ethernet

enumerator USB = 3


enumerator SerialP2P = 4

Low-speed serial point-to-point


using OcaApplicationNetworkServiceID = OcaBlob

Generic host ID.


struct OcaNetworkSystemInterfaceDescriptor

Descriptor of a system interface used by a network. Format is data network type dependent.

OcaBlob SystemInterfaceParameters

Parameters for the operating system interface the network uses to do I/O.

OcaNetworkAddress MyNetworkAddress

The data network address that corresponds to this system interface.

OCP.1 Encoding


Basic type

Byte length






1 * Count






1 * Count


enum OcaApplicationNetworkState : uint8_t

Network states.

enumerator Unknown = 0

State is not known.

enumerator NotReady = 1

Application network is not connected to host data network and is therefore not ready for connection establishng or application data transfer.

enumerator Readying = 2

Application network is in the process of connecting to the host data network and is therefore not ready for connection establishing or application data transfer.

enumerator Ready = 3

Application network is connected to host data network and is ready for connection establishing and application data transfer.

enumerator Running = 4

Application network is connected to host data network and is executing connection establishment and application data transfer.

enumerator Paused = 5

All application data transfer is paused, but connections are still in place.

enumerator Stopping = 6

Network is in the process of stopping all media application data transport activity and is deleting all media transport connections.

enumerator Stopped = 7

No application data transport connections exist, but application network is still connected to host data network.

enumerator Fault = 8

Application network has ceased all activity due to an error, but operating storage elements have not been freed.


enum OcaApplicationNetworkCommand : uint8_t

Command values for OcaMediaNetwork.Control().

enumerator None = 0

No-op. State is not changed.

enumerator Prepare = 1

Open a connection to the host data network, but do not make any media connections. Resulting state = Ready.

enumerator Start = 2

Commence media data connection-making and data transfer. Resulting state = Running.

enumerator Pause = 3

Temporarily halt all media data transfer, but preserve media connections. Resulting state = Paused. nb To unpause, a Start command should be used.

enumerator Stop = 4

Cease data transfer and delete all media connections. Resulting state = Stopped.

enumerator Reset = 5

Cease all media transfer, delete all media transport connections, and disconnect from the host data network. Resulting state = NotReady.


enum OcaNetworkMediaProtocol : uint8_t

Media transport protocols available.

enumerator None = 0

No media protocol - the network does not do media transport.

enumerator AV3 = 1

AVnu AV3 - RTP over AVB

enumerator AVBTP = 2

IEEE 1722 / 1722.1

enumerator Dante = 3

Pre-AV3 Dante with ATP transport

enumerator Cobranet = 4


enumerator AES67 = 5

AES67 network.

enumerator SMPTEAudio = 6

SMPTE 2022? Or 2071? (TBD)

enumerator LiveWire = 7

LiveWire media transport

enumerator ExtensionPoint = 65

Base value for addition of nonstandard (e.g. proprietary) protocol options


enum OcaNetworkControlProtocol : uint8_t

Network control protocols available.

enumerator None = 0

No control protocol - the network does not do control.

enumerator OCP01 = 1

OCP.1 - OCA protocol for TCP/IP networks

enumerator OCP02 = 2

OCP.2 - OCA protocol for USB links.

enumerator OCP03 = 3

OCP.3 - Character XML or JSON (tbd) version of OCA protocol, for serial links and other purposes.